costa del sol photography
I was born in the Czech Republic in 1978. Since 2001 I lived in the south of Spain in a beautiful region the Costa del Sol. I have always worked in travel but I used all my free time doing what I love the!!

 But my real passion for photography started when I became a mum. My compulsive need to catch every emotion, movement, and facial expression on my children's faces lead me down this path. The books, classes & equipment all started as a way to capture better pictures of my own kids. They were definitely my inspiration and my first models. But eventually, they grew tired of me shoving a camera in their face every waking moment! So I started thinking, "Hey, if I can enjoy catching these great moments of my own kids, maybe I can do it for others too." Costa Del Sol Photography is here to provide you with snapshots of moments you can't get back. Your session with me will be extremely relaxed. Just show up, be yourselves and I'll do the rest. Don't worry about uncooperative kids. Kids rarely "want" to get their pictures taken. But I'm a mum. I get it when your 2 year old is throwing a tantrum because she's not wearing the right dress or because he wanted to be the one to zip up his coat on the way out. I understand when your newborn (who sleeps all day,every day at home) has decided to be wide awake for your newborn session! I have never once had a session where the kids cooperated 100%. Every single picture you see, has come from a session where kids have been running, screaming, pouting and looking in every direction except mine. It happens. I'm prepared. Kids will be kids and sometimes the best pictures are the most "imperfect" ones...because that's real life! By the time you get to me you've already spent so much time coordinating outfits, making sure everyone gets in the car and to the photo shoot (un-stained!)…the hard part is done! So again, just show up, be yourselves and I promise we'll get great pictures!

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